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The River In Your Heart

July 4, 2018

The River in Your Heart

There is a River in Your Heart – continuously flowing.

Sometimes it catches a colorful leaf along the way, and the leaf dances around playfully for a moment until it lets go and gently moves on. Sometimes a big rock sits on the bottom and holds a grounded shelter for fish, a firm foundation. All of the life in the river flows together, sometimes holding on, sometimes releasing. Each tiny drop of water all connected through the storms and the sunshine.

The water flows gracefully at times, while other times the water gets choppy and angry, and intense. The sticks and leaves and all the life tossed about in a fury. Then it settles back down, sometimes to a gentle and peaceful little trickle. The flow continues. The river knows when to hold on for a moment, and when to let go and flow. May the river in your heart open to what comes in to dance and play, it’s open to what comes in to perilously scream, and shout.

Sometimes there is an unknown waterfall ahead, and there is a sudden fast and furious rush, a plummet into a burst of darkness. Intense, crushing, perilous, raging. The flow continues through feeling the darkness and releasing it slowly as the water settles. Subsequently, a playful little dragonfly dances a top. The river in your heart inherently knows to continue flowing through all that comes and goes, even if it feels it is stagnant the movement persists.

May you allow it to always come back to peace.

May you allow it to flow freely, amidst the storms, amidst the dances, the pleasure, and the pain.

May you give permission for moments of peril, heartbreak, sorrow, and loss. Hold them for a moment, receive and them let them flow on.

May you allow for peace, and joy, and dancing-beautifully, wildly and free.

May your beautiful river find it’s way to oneness,


light and dark, 


peacefully and perilously.




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