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Welcome to Primal Musings! My name is Kathryn. I’m a (42 year old) mama of 2 boys. I’m also part of the 1% of INFJ’s on Meyers Briggs (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging). Being an INFJ, I often feels like a fish out of water. At times (as the Pink song says) I can be my own worse enemy. Oftentimes I’m trying to make sense out of things, that just don’t make sense to me. I’m also a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Being an older, introverted, sensitive female in a male dominant world that values youth and beauty, is no easy feat! I’m also feeling my way through peri-menopause, and I want to talk about it with you. All of it.

It is my goal to inspire people to break free from their thought patterns, and to continuously learn and grown as a humans. To strive for more deep, meaningful, and healing connections with each other. To value our strength, true inner beauty, and vitality in our 40’s and beyond. To live with more honesty/openness/depth with ourselves and others. Together, we can face life challenges, heal from past traumas, and re-wire how we internalize our world. I’ve shifted my ‘paleo’ writing focus to one of nourishment, movement, ancestral health, healing, sexuality, and personal growth-in our 40’s and beyond.

It’s important to acknowledge that both our light and dark thoughts are equally important, and necessary for our growth, and learn to accept all of who we are. We are not good or bad, right or wrong. We simply are. We don’t need to label every feeling or every thought, and there is no need to let our emotions define who we are. Let’s stop allowing shame from the past to be our navigator. We are all simply learning to sail this life in a very intense, technologically based world. Writing makes me come alive, and I have many ideas that I’m excited to share with you! My hope is that something will inspire you, and help to give you some strength on your own very personal journey as a human in this lifetime.

If there is a topic you would like to me to discuss, please do reach out and let me know!

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