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A Little Bit of Newness

July 4, 2018


I allowed for a little bit of newness today,

a gentle loving tug.

I allowed for a small new scent,

and a lovely ladybug.

I allowed for just the bittiest bit,

a slice of tender love.

A shiny hint of newness,

a tiny dewy drop.

A petal on a rock.

A little embrace,

a skip and a hop,

a fuzzy nosy wet nudge.

A drip and a little drop.

I allowed for a little newness,

and closed a perilous door.

A button,

a pinch,

a puppy tail.

A fresh eye,

a blink,

A tich of a smile.

A teeny little tickle.

Wiggly wobbly step.

A bitty little boost.

A teensy ray of light shining in,

a wee kiss of peace.

I allowed for a bit of newness,

and closed that perilous door.

A slight hint of newness,

in a little corner of the floor.

I sprinkled it with compassion,

embraced it every day.

That bitty newness grew and grew,

and with my heart will stay.





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