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Nurturing Our Inner Child

June 25, 2018

We all all have a ‘child within’. The one true version of who we are. Our self at our core. Our essence, and being, and oneness. Our home.

Our ‘child within’ is the place where we allow ourselves to be fully seen and fully expressive, and creative vs the person we typically put forward in order to appease everyone else. In order to live how we have been socially conditioned to live, rather than living authentically.

Our ‘child within’ is trusting and open, and loving. She is real, in the realest sense of the word, and by letting herself out, you are giving yourself permission to live in authenticity and peace.

We often stop nurturing and paying attention to our child within. Rather, we allow for our ego to tell us all the wrong things, and we listen to this harsh voice, often critical, fearful, unforgiving, untrusting, and threatened. We forget to pay attention to our true needs, because we are so busy trying to shield ourselves from perceived threats.

Your ‘child within’ is always trying to communicate with you. She is that strong feeling when you know you are making a wrong decision, but you do so because it feels safer and easier. Sometimes she is literally screaming at you, but you have silenced her for so long, that you may only hear a whisper, or nothing at all.

She wants you to play.

She wants you to laugh.

She wants you to relax.

She wants you to smile more.

She wants you to shine.

She wants you to sing, and dance, and twirl.

She wants you to express your needs without fear.

and set boundaries. and let go of of toxic beliefs, people and situations.

She wants you to trust again.

She wants you  to show more love, empathy, gratitude, and compassion.

She wants you to dream.

She wants you to give yourself permission to do all the things you are afraid to do, but desire.

She wants you to take pleasure in your life.

She wants you to release yourself of social conditioning, and expectations that have been set for you (often by other people, and based upon fear).

She wants you to stop comparing,

to stop judging yourself and others.

She wants you to let go of all the expectations.

She wants you to stop relying on distractions to stifle her voice.

She wants you to listen.


Our child within is expressive, assertive, and creative. It can be childlike in the highest, most mature, and evolved sense of the word. It needs to play and to have fun. and yet, it is vulnerable. Perhaps because it is so open and trusting. It surrenders to itself, to others, and ultimately to the Universe. and yet it is powerful in the true sense of power. It is healthily self-indulgent, taking pleasure in receiving, and in being nurtured. It is also open to that vast and mysterious part of us that we call our unconscious. It pays attention to the messages we receive daily from the unconscious, such as dreams, struggles, and illness. By being real, it is free to grow. and while our false self forgets, our Real Self remembers our oneness with others and with the Universe.”

“Most of the time, When we are in the role of our false self, we feel uncomfortable, numb, empty, or in a contrived or contracted state. We do not feel real, complete, whole, or sane. At one level or another we sense something is wrong, or something is missing”

– Charles Whitfield, Healing the Child Within.

How can we hear our inner child?

In order to truly hear our child within, we need to stop, sit quietly, and ask ourselves the important questions. What is my next step? We must to trust the messages we receive. The quiet whispers. The feeling in our gut, the synchronicities. They are all there, and holding all our answers. They are the child within us, bursting to come forward and break away from the false self we have created. It may take some time for you to hear her. You’ve been shushing her for so long, pushing her away, stifling her. It starts as a whisper. You keep listening. She will speak. Louder and louder. She will give you your answers, and she will lead you home, to love.




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    Kymber Maulden
    August 31, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    Love this!! Speaks to me on multiple levels!!!

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