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Befriending Our Inner Mess

June 21, 2018

“In the heart of chaos, is the clay that shapes us home”-Jeff Brown

We think we have to always get life right, right away. We couldn’t be more wrong!

We think we have to always get somewhere-to hustle-to have an outcome, an end goal, a finish.

We think we need to show the world our flawless faces, the ‘fun’ we are having, how easy and ‘perfect’ our life is.

We think we need to somehow prove our infallibility, our shininess, our ‘accomplishment’ at life.

We believe the process to get anywhere has to be neat, and perfect-or it’s somehow wrong.

The true gems lie in the mess, the process, the journey, the experiences. 

In the failure, the rejection, the falling down over and over -beautiful pain.

The learning, the growth, the messy, the chaos. This all leads us to our truth, and our home!

We think if we spiral down, mess up, ‘fail’, that we are somehow ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’. We couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our failures are the biggest spring forward into finding our truth, establishing ourselves in our truth, rather than living in our carefully crafted picture perfect lies.

Our chaos, our mess, or imperfections, bitterness, pain, hardship, if only we could look at these from a different perspective, and see how much our ‘messing up’ is leading us home, if only we would surrender and allow.

Avoiding the hard stuff-staying comfortable-neat-perfect-closes us off from our infinite expressions of our true selves, stifles our creative exploration, our beautiful messes.

When we allow ourselves to fail, we receive our deepest most powerful messages, and we find our truth, our way home, our connection and our inner peace.

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