The World Needs Our Loud and Messy

July 6, 2017

As women we often fear we are being too loud. Too expressive. Too much. We worry that we are taking up too much space. That we will be too successful. We worry about shining too brightly. That we are too provocative. Or opinionated. Or too selfish. That we will be judged if we not put together enough, or if we are put together too much. When we let people into our homes, we apologize if it is too messy. Or too clean.


What holds us back the most in life, is the fear of our very presence being too much.


Culturally, women are led to believe that almost everything we are, is just a little too much. That our bodies hold up too much space, and therefore we must be skinnier. That our body holds up too little space, and therefore we must be curvier. That are muscles are not defined enough, and therefore we need to be more sculpted. That we need to do cardio. That we need to do yoga. That we need to lift weights.

We believe our voices are too loud, and therefore we must shrink smaller. If we speak or write on something we feel passion for, we fear judgement and discourse, disagreement and abandonment, especially from those whom we love the most. So we keep small, and quiet and nod our heads in agreement.

The truth is that we are never too much.

We are limitless. The world needs our loudness! Our voice. Our songs. Our fears. The world needs our messy! Our chaos. Our angry. Our tears. The world needs our passion, and fire, and intensity. The world needs us to unapologetically hold a very large space.  To be exactly what we’ve believed all along to be too much. The world needs our openness, and vulnerability. Our feminine and our masculine. Our drive. Our darkness, and sadness. Our happiness and light. Our self expression, creativity and laughter. The world needs all of us, fully present, fully immersed, fully authentic. We don’t need to shrink at all. We never need to shrink, even when it feels scary. We are without limit in this world.

Judgement, discourse, disagreement, and abandonment leads us to revelations, compromise, growth, rebirth, new perspectives, and accomplishment. We are never too much, the world needs our loud and messy.

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