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The Unmasking

July 5, 2018

“In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen—really seen.”

-Brene Brown


Sometimes we want a certain life so much, that we pretend that we fit into it.

We say and do the things we think our people would like to hear from us.

We create conditioned responses based upon who we are surrounded by.

We deny our true identity, our exposed self, so that we can fit the mold of the people we choose to journey with.

We are deceptive to both ourselves and the people we have grown to love, in order to feel protected.

We grow envious and angry. We become our own enemy.

We begin to secretly carry out our desires, still afraid of being seen and possibly rejected.

Deceitful to all those we love.

We do whatever it takes to hide behind that mask. We have several, in different colors.

We wear these to protect our true identities, for fear of being exposed, and unloved.

We talk about authenticity and self-expression, yet we act as chameleons in our compartmented worlds.

We ask ourselves “what does this person want me to think?” and we pretend to think that. All the while denying and stifling our inner truths.

We avoid tearing away the mask even when it begins to rot away our skin and tear at our soul. Even when those around us can feel our deceit and lies are destroying their world.

We continue to hide and pretend.

Screaming inside. We feel raging anger and envy toward the people in which we built our lies, and lives around.

We deny our truths and true selves out of fear of abandonment, yet in doing so we are rejecting and abandoning ourselves, and all those we love through false truths.

We fear abandonment out of self expression, yet in doing so, we have abandoned ourselves.

As the mask begins to crumble off our skin, and we unmask, so does the world around us that we created-it crumbles to pieces. and we are left vulnerable, exposed, and pained.

-but we are finally seen.

We learn to stop lying. We learn we can be exposed, and raw, and angry, and confused yet still be loved. In fact, we realize this is the only way to be loved.

The fear we created surrounding our truths dissolves and we can run free and wild, and open our hearts to real connection and love. We create a new world with no masks, and this new world trusts us in return, because we’ve allowed our soul to shine into it in all it’s beauty, truth, love, peace, anger, sadness, and depth.


When we allow ourselves to be fully seen, life will embrace us and love will surround us.



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